Behind the scenes at the winter Sloafer shoot!

Behind the scenes at the winter Sloafer shoot!

Just a few weeks ago I was thinking about the end of the summer; now I'm thinking about the end of Autumn. Last week we did our winter Sloafer shoot and I wanted to bring you some of my favourite looks and behind the scenes photos.

So how do you style your Sloafers in the winter? I have a few rules I stick to which you may find helpful!

I never wear lighter Sloafers than the colour I have on my legs. 

I also never wear light colours unless they’re on my top half. 

The contrast, in my opinion, just doesn’t work and you draw too much attention to your feet. However, off-setting the white with the bold animal print and neon of the Emilia and the Thea looks fantastic. I felt smart but relaxed in a casual denim mini, a black polo neck and our animal print Sloafers. We started the shoot in my house, on my white stairs where I take all my Sloafer photos - if you've been following us for a while, you'll recognise them!

I styled my summer denim dress which I wore just a few weeks ago with bare legs (and bare feet!) and added black tights and the Emilia. When it gets colder, I just throw on a chunky long black cardigan for an extra layer of warmth.



Then we headed out onto the Heath and despite the warm sun, added a winter coat in a stunning red colour. Pretending it is cold while running around trying to wrap up a shoot before I go to collect the kids from school always makes me over heat. I was pretty glad when that bit was over!


I'm not a natural when it comes to posing so when my photographer shouts, "move your left foot left a little" - I always pause for a bit too long trying to work out exactly what that means I have to do.  I'm better at designing the shoes than modelling them, but when you have your own brand and a limited budget you have to do everything yourself.


This was one of the end results - the one photo of the gorgeous Alicia I can use versus the 487 that I can't. What you don't see is a lot of talking, laughing and being distracted by wind and wayward dogs. Trying to take photos looking graceful while a gust of wind blew down conkers from the giant horse chestnut tree I was posing under, hitting me on the head. Dogs running up to me trying to steal my shoes as I changed from sneakers to Sloafers, and trying to keep a certain yappy little dog from jumping up and eating the cashmere shawl I had on loan.


We had fun and I got my images for the website (and lots for the bin). I hope you love Sloafing in the winter as much as I will. So why don't you give us a try at 

From a UK 2.5 to a UK 11, we have an inclusive range of shoes you will love.

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