Fall outfits to pair with your Sloafers

Fall outfits to pair with your Sloafers


The weather is cooling down and for us in the UK as well as anyone who has experienced a heatwave this year, I think we share a sense of relief that we no longer have to work and do the school run in 39 degree heat. The leaves are falling and are crunchy and brown, and we're now asking the question "what's it like outside, do I need a sweater?" 

The sun had scorched the leaves of the trees outside my house so early on in the Summer, we had a false Autumn which felt like it was teasing us as we absolutely melted.  But now September has rolled around, I am happy because I love this time of year. I start counting down the days until I can put away my summer clothes, stop pretending I also love this time of year (I don't) and bring out my trusty skinny jeans, cashmere sweaters and Sloafers.

Whether you're on your first pair of Sloafers or - as some customers are - their eighth, you'll love our all day sneaker comfort and our beautiful, bold style.  You can finally wear a ballerina all day long that feels as comfortable as a sneaker.

Our Alicia black patent style is a perfect wardrobe staple that goes with everything.  When I wear the Alicia, I throw on black skinny jeans and a black cashmere sweater and I channel my Wednesday Addams vibe.  I'm invisible but I feel smart. I'm comfy and off I go. The black combination is also perfect when I feel like I want to make more of a statement, and throw on the Emilia, the Thea or the Angelina - vibrant, neon, bright zebra, leopard or dalmatian print.  Out there but toned down by the all black outfit that happily plays second fiddle to my shoes.  There’s something about walking around with the boldest, brightest pair of ballerinas on that I love. It gives me more confidence and spring in my step.  

I swap out the black jeans for blue, and the black sweater for white, grey or navy.  I keep my outfits pretty simple and favour a neutral style which means that every pair of my Sloafers go with everything I have.  A more nautical look with our Nikita blue suede ballerina with blue jeans and a white sweater, or a grey sweater with our two tone grey Misty with a pop of fuschia pink

I have a few statement sweaters in really bold colours, a chunky hand knit cardigan with pastel stripes and delicate silver thread running through it.  An investment piece that is safely put away after every wear to keep the moths away.  Or the neon yellow and pale pink striped sweater that even I know is too much with the neon yellow Emilia.  The Natalia Sloafer is a perfect blush pink ballerina to be wearing with these bold woolies. If you’re not lucky enough to get hold of the last remaining pairs, you’ll be pleased to know we are bringing this back in the Spring next year.  In case you don't know Sloafer, we do small runs of beautiful colours and when they're gone, they're gone.  Or at least gone for a long while. We are slow fashion.  We don't have 'new season colours'.  We have no waste and we don't bring in more until we have almost sold out of every colour we have.

I’m trying not to shop too much; statistics like “it would take you 13 years to drink the water needed to make a pair of jeans and a t shirt” fly around my head and although my jeans are more worn, and my t-shirts are greying, I’m still favouring my old comfy staples and not buying anything new. 

I couldn't blog about the onset of Autumn without mentioning the Autumn Sloafer, a beautiful two tone brown suede with gold tips on the bow that mean I can't stop staring at my feet when I walk through a pile of leaves on the Heath.  The most gorgeous rich chocolate colour, I pair these with jeans and a sweater (you guessed it) and as it gets colder, my favourite thick scarf with tones of orange and brown.

Sloafers are hand made, and made to last.  They will be there for you season after season, for all your long days at work, running around with the children or the dogs, or on a well earned city break.  A lady dropped by my house to pick up her second pair of Sloafers this morning.  She told me that I was now her favourite flats brand and that she would be back.  She’d seen the Emilia on a lady up the road from me and said “are they Sloafers?” It’s amazing to hear that as small as we are, we are instantly recognisable if you know us.  No other brand does that cushiony 1cm EVA sole which means you’ll look fabulous and feel comfy all day long. 

Give us a try at www.sloafer.com.  From a UK 2.5 to a UK 11, we have an inclusive range of shoes you will love.

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