The return of the ballet pump? Please. They've never been away.

The return of the ballet pump?  Please. They've never been away.

The return of the ballet pump?

Kill me now - they've never been away.

I got a whatsapp from a friend the other day "Lu! Ballet pumps are back! You should jump on this!"

Jump on what though? I've been selling ballet pumps every day since August 2018 when we launched. I googled it. And according to Google, ballet pumps were indeed back. As of September 2022. But also January, February, May 2022, and also April 2021.

"The boring shoe is back in business" jumped out. I'm sorry, what? They've never been away and if you want boring, then don't visit our site and definitely don't buy a pair of neon and dalmatian print Emilia Sloafers, or our ludicrously luxurious navy sparklers, The Florence.


Saint Laurent heralded the return of the ballet pump back in 2013 - but, nope, they'd still never been away. 

Regular people have been wearing all kinds of shoes forever. They may have left the pages of the fashion press, but they've not left our feet. Vogue would lose all their advertising revenue if they advised to continue to cosy up in the same wardrobe staples that you wore last month. But honestly?  With Sloafer you can. 

Our design is classic and comfortable. Our hand made shoes are made to last.

With heels causing one set of problems for your feet, and super flat flats contributing another, you want something that is stunning and comfortable. Our 1cm EVA sole makes Sloafers feel like your go to sneaker for your busy day, but our uppers are like nothing else you've seen. 


For more information on our collection, head over to and you'll see that our pumps will never be resigned to history once you try us out.

Now on her sixth pair of shoes, my most long standing and loyal customer said "I just can't wear anything else."  Now that, is not a trend.

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