If it's not out there, design your own

Sloafer was created by Lucy and Mike Herron. 

Lucy, a ballerina fan, refused to wear sneakers because they reminded her of PE lessons at school.  Mike, a sneaker fan, wanted his pregnant wife to have the same comfort he did, in a style that was more elegant.

Finding nothing out there that brought together the style and comfort they both loved, they created Sloafer - the perfect sneaker ballerina combination.

Sloafing around the World

Sloafers have become a firm favourite around the world. "Comfy AF" is currently our favourite review from one happy customer, and we're delighted to have been seen on celebrities and fashion bloggers in the UK and LA.

If you haven't discovered our dreamy comfy soles and stunning ballerina uppers, it's time to Sloaf.

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